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            EHT® Age-Defying Supplement, Mind Enhancement Formula™ 


The EHT patented extract, a natural mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee, functions by helping strengthen the brain by maintaining robust and healthy neuron connection. It works to protect the brain against mental decline and decreased function associated with aging. The supplement helps create:

  • Stronger cognitive function and overall brain health
  • Fortification of natural brain functions
  • Protection of neuronal networking
  • Enhancement of the body’s natural energy stores
  • A boost to the body’s immune system
  • Increased focus
  • To purchase visit    www.evamileski.nerium.com

For years, brain researchers had been looking for a safe and natural way to enhance brain health. Dr. Jeffry Stock, a Princeton University professor, and his team of researchers at Signum discovered EHT®, a naturally occurring mix of bioactive molecules that increase brain health.


Twenty years of research in Dr. Stock’s laboratory led to the creation of SIG-1273. This progressive, bioactive molecule was perfected after 1,272 versions, then patented as an advanced, age-fighting ingredient.