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Pure Light Slim Treatments

Do you have stubborn fat and cellulite that is resistant to diet

and exercise?  Pure light Slim reduces stubborn pockets of fat

and eliminates toxins from the body in just 15 minutes.

Visible results in one session

Clinically proven to shrink fat cells

No pain

No surgery

No downtime


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4 sessions for $160

6 sessions for $210

Designed to target areas resistant to diet and exercise, 15-minute Pure Light Slim treatments use a wavelength of LED light that stimulates the fat burning by stimulating the fat cell to open and release triglycerides.  Eight light-emitting pads are placed directly on the areas desired to lose inches.or  For best results, treatments should be received daily or every other day.  Exercise is recommended after each session to burn off the fat that is released. Approximately 350 calories.  Morning sessions are best to achieve this as you will burn off calories as you go through your day.  While results for some may be seen after the first treatment, best results are often achieved with six or more treatments.  Unbelievable results can be achieved in under 2 weeks!
The man in this picture lost 2 inches in 5 sessions.   The women lost 7 inches in 12 sessions.

Persons under 18 years of age
Liver/Kidney Disease
Immune suppressed