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Vacation Ideas

August 13, 2010, 2:37 pm
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Enjoy Your Vacation!

1.  I always get a massage before I go on vacation, so I am completely relaxed.  It's amazing how much better I can handle the stress of getting there and everything that needs to be done before you go.  Its number one on my list.

2.  Get a bikini wax and revive your relationship.  Better yet, get a brazilian and really heat it up.

3.  Got to have an underarm wax and my lashes tinted black, so I look great in the morning.

4.  Absolutely have to have cute toes.  So I get a pedicure.

5.  I want my skin to look beautiful so I get a salt glow.
6.  If  I need a little confidence to get into my swimsuit then I get an inch loss wrap, but not the same day as the salt glow.  That can be done a day before my waxing to help any ingrown hairs though. 


If you need help planning your vacation go to:




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