Eva Mileski

Brazilian Blow Out at Shirodhara Day Spa!

July 11, 2012, 3:45 pm
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Ultimate cure for the Bad Hair Day

I just had a Brazilian blow out at the Shirodhara Day Spa and it was amazing!  So easy to have done, only took 90 minutes.  There was no smelly products, you couldn't smell anything in the salon.  It took all the frizz and kinky curl out of my hair.  My hair is in better condition and smoother than its ever been.  I went to a party that night and everyone commented on how beautiful my hair looked.  Two men actually touched it to feel how soft it was.  I am sold on it, it will last for 12 weeks.  I am set for the Holidays!  Thank you Brenda and Celeste for giving me my beautiful new hair and saving me so much time in the morning.  I woke up today and brushed my hair, I didn't have to blow dry it or flat iron it at all, which I usually do every day.  I Love it! 


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